What are the various ways of holding BOIRON shares ?

As a shareholder, you have the choice of two ways to hold your shares :

  • in bearer form : you register your shares with a financial intermediary; you are therefore not certain to be identified as a shareholder by BOIRON at any given moment, except when BOIRON orders an identifiable bearer security (Titres au Porteur Identifié - TPI) data file from Euroclear;
  • in registered form : your shares are directly registered with BOIRON, but deposited in an account with BNP PARIBAS SECURITIES SERVICES (Service aux Emetteurs [Issuers’ Service] – Grands Moulins de Pantin - 9 rue du Débarcadère – 93 761 PANTIN Cédex – Phone : +33 (0) If your shares are registered, you will receive an invitation to the AGM directly, and benefit from double voting rights for each share held for more than 3 years.