• Management

Valérie LORENTZ POINSOT, General Manager

Jean-Christophe BAYSSAT, Deputy General Manager

Christine PLACE, Deputy General Manager

  • Board of Directors and its committees

Members of the Board of Directors

Thierry BOIRON, Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Valérie LORENTZ POINSOT, Director, General Manager

Christian BOIRON, Director

Jacky ABECASSIS, Director

Michèle BOIRON, Director

Jean-Pierre BOYER, Director

Bruno GRANGE, Director

Christine BOYER-BOIRON, Director

Stéphanie CHESNOT, Director

Michel BOUISSOU, Director

Virginie HEURTAUT, Director

Grégory WALTER, Director representing the employee shareholders

Christine BOUTIN, Director representing the employee

  • The Audit Committee

Mr. Michel BOUISSOU, Chairman,

Mrs. Stéphanie CHESNOT,

Mr. Jean-Pierre BOYER.

  • The Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee, is composed of two members:

- Mr. Michel BOUISSOU,
- Mr. Bruno GRANGE.

  • Statutory Auditors

Above and beyond the legal requirements, the company has established rules with respect to corporate governance which are detailed in the chairman’s report included in the 2017 Reference document .

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