A few words from Christian Boiron

Ever since the Company’s origin, our objective remains the worldwide development of Homeopathy.

The short and medium-term development of our Company, and the specific development of Homeopathy, enable us to consider a variety of approaches:

1 - Growth balanced between medical prescriptions, pharmaceutical advice and self-medication;

2 - This should lead to an increase in both generic medicines and specialty products, as has been the case in the past;

3 - It is highly probable that, as in the field of allopathic medicine, compounded product prescription may be gradually restricted. This will necessarily lead to change within our organization, especially and mainly in France;

4 - Regarding production, we will have to face several developments:

  • the gradual reduction in compounded products;
  • an increase in the number of international subsidiaries;
  • an increased portion of the industrial activities consolidated at the new site in Messimy which will require an increase in production investments;
  • the creation of a logistics platform in the commune of Les Olmes (Rhône department).

5 - With regard to business development, every subsidiary is faced with growth opportunities and regulatory issues, as well as differing and changing competitive realities. The multinational development of our company will inevitably lead to contrasting short-term and medium-term changes in the development of subsidiaries.

6 - Finally, with respect to research, the ongoing re-evaluation of its objectives and its organization should gradually result in an increase in related expenditure.

Christian Boiron
General Manager


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