A few words from Thierry Boiron

Serving people through homeopathy

At the start of this year, the Board of Directors appointed Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot as General Manager to continue to develop homeopathy worldwide with unswerving confidence and determination and to give all patients the freedom to choose homeopathy.

As it has throughout its history, homeopathy is currently experiencing a certain degree of turmoil, particularly in France where the government has called its reimbursement into question despite the fact that:

• for generations, millions of French patients have regularly chosen the safety and effectiveness of homeopathic medicines, like 300 million patients worldwide.

• when used as a first-line treatment, homeopathic medicines help ensure that medicines which present the risk of toxicity are used appropriately, as shown by the recent EPI3 study in France.

• ending reimbursement would increase healthcare spending due to a shift to more expensive treatments.

While we await the day when researchers will develop the means to understand exactly how homeopathic medicines work, their benefits in terms of both public health and individual wellness are clearly shown by top scientific journals as well as decades of clinical results achieved by doctors, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, and other healthcare professionals.

Their active ingredients, which are effective, non-toxic, and have no environmental impact, are not patented by pharmaceutical companies. Preserving this part of our human heritage to guarantee freedom of choice to future generations is our shared responsibility.

Thierry Boiron

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